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Professional cutting equipment: the vegetable cutter

Professional cutting equipment: the vegetable cutter



High-quality tools

A professional cutting equipment offers a level of precision and quality which cannot be found with lesser models. Cutting tools can perform the task in a uniform manner, offering the best results when working with various ingredients in industrial and commercial kitchens. Some examples of good-quality cutting machines include the Frecciainox 3 Litre professional vegetable cutter or the C5L, which has 5 litres of capacity, and the 8 litre C8L. These Italian machines, also known as food processors, have a large capacity and holding bowls. Clad on the outside with stainless steel, they have an attractive design and will look great in any kitchen.

Features of the C3L

The Frecciainox 3 Litre professional vegetable cutter C3L is a stainless steel cutting machine with a 3 litre volume tank. The tank’s dimensions are 180x105mm. It is manufactured in Italy and, like the other two models that we will discuss below, it has a removable bowl, digital controls, engine brake, stainless steel cutting knives, thermal protection, and a clear plastic cover. It conforms to CE marketing standards and qualifications, and runs at 1400 rpm. The power supply is 230V/50 Hz. Its overall dimensions are 230x200x410mm.

Vegetable cutter: the C5L and the C8L models

The C5L model contains a 5 litre volume tank and is 310x270x470mm in dimensions, with a tank size of 240x120mm. The C5L comes with the same features as the C3L. The C8L model is 310x270x540mm in dimensions, with a tank that is 240x180mm and a net weight of 23 kg. These fine machines are good for chopping and mixing ingredients in a raw state. Some chefs like to use them for making soups and sauces from scratch. With a professional vegetable cutter you can chop vegetables into smaller pieces in no time. If you are interested in our products, please visit our website, where you can browse through our entire catalogue and choose the best solution for your needs!