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Refrigerating rooms: a comparison to help you choose the best one

Refrigerating rooms: a comparison to help you choose the best one


Lots of choices for cold storage

The company Frecciainox offers many options for cold storage refrigeration needs in the industrial kitchens. A must-have for hotels, supermarkets, cafeterias and restaurants, refrigerating rooms keep food at its optimum temperature prior to cooking. One important feature of cold storage rooms is that they can be locked when not in use. Furthermore, they offer a safety release on the inside so that the chef is not stuck inside if the door accidentally closes.

Temperatures and Specifications

For extreme freezing, refrigerating rooms can be as chilly as – 18 to – 20° C. There are twelve models of cold room available for this temperature range. Features include galvanized sheet metal with a non-toxic PVC plastic of 120 microns. On the outside the unit is finished using PVC profiles, which are smooth and don’t show screws. For insulation, there is a 100 mm thick paneling.
There are also units with an inner temperature of -2 C to +8° C. These units use remote engines which are fully compliant with HACCP. They also have an overflow valve and junction box, and on the inside non-slip flooring and 60mm insulated panels.
Models with temperature ranging from 0 degrees to +6° C are available, too. These units come with a Fast-fit locking fastener, dual engagement and centering system. Key lock and unlock security are standard.

How to Choose?

First, take measurements of the space you have available. This will help you when deciding the maximum size of the refrigerating room. Then, figure out how much food you plan to keep in cold storage, and for how long. If food is rotating in and out fairly quickly, a smaller unit is the best option: it works well just like a larger one, but it requires less space. Additionally, think of the type of food you keep in cold storage most often. This point will help you decide what range of temperature you actually need. Finally, make a generous estimate of how much food will need to be in cold storage at a time. With these factors outlined, shopping for a refrigerating room will be easy!