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Refrigerated display case: choose Italian quality!

Refrigerated display case: choose Italian quality!


Discover the Frecciainox line!

Professional chefs know that the refrigerated display case available at Frecciainox looks extremely elegant and offers over-the-top performances. A display case is something more than keeping goods cold, it is also about showing those goods to customers. What better way than an attractive refrigerated display case? The Frecciainox line provides a wide range of options that you can see on the company’s website. The glass of the cases can be adjusted to provide displays for store items, canteens, butchers, and fruits and vegetables in a grocery area. Shelves are included to optimize the available space.

A great variety of options

You can choose your refrigerated display case between different models: Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. The Saturn L1500 has dimensions of 1520x900x870/1292mm while the L2500 is 2480x900x870/1292mm. All the models in the series keep food at temperatures between 3 and 5° Celsius. Mars has models L1500, L2000, and L2500. Each refrigerated display case is CE compliant and made without using any CFCs. Venus has models L1500 with dimensions 1540x1140x920/1255mm, L2000 with dimensions 2020x1140x920/1255mm, and L2500 with dimensions 2500x1140x920/1255mm. All models are available with front facing panels that can be changed and are offered in a variety of bright colours. Jupiter has three models, too. The L1500, with dimensions of 1520x900x870/1262mm, the L2000, with dimensions of 2000x900x870/1262mm, and the L2500, with dimensions of 2500x900x870/1262mm.

Standard refrigerated display case details

These Italian-made display cases all offer semi-ventilated refrigeration, a scratch-resistant laminated surface in addition to exhibition trays, which have been painted with a non-toxic surface and come in white. There is an electronic control panel and there’s lighting in the hood which goes along with the curved and tempered glass. These machines are thermoformed and insulated with tempered glass on the sides. Last but not least, there is a defrost cycle setting for quick and easy cleaning.