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Features of the professional kitchen extractor fans

The Many Features of a Professional Kitchen Extractor Fan

Professional kitchen extractor fans
Professional kitchen extractor fans come with a range of features that are specifically designed for commercial cooking activities rather than for general use at home. Most extractor fans have features that are particularly suited to the professional setting. The fans are meant to be used in heavy-duty work settings and can withstand the pressure of high temperatures and airflow throughout the day.

Here are some of the main features of professional kitchen extractor fans:

Airflow performance

Many of these extractor fans have a minimalist and very compact design, which helps the air flow more effectively. As a matter of fact, in a professional kitchen the amount of fumes and hot air is much more than a normal kitchen, and this requires a heavy-duty air extractor.

Axial industrial fans are designed to be compact, in order to fit into the ducts of many commercial establishments. At the same time, they guarantee a great airflow performance and are thus suitable for large spaces.

Minimal Noise

Another great feature of these professional fans is that they reduce the amount of noise generated in the kitchen. Large quantities of air are extracted with minimal noise due to the design and special features of the models. As a matter of fact, professional fans have fiberglass acoustic insulation, which helps to reduce the amount of noise generated. The insulation is made of polyurethane foam, which is added in very high densities for added soundproofing.

Additional features

A lot of these fans have thermal protection, which prevents hot air that may pass through the fan blades from affecting the motor. Some even have grease filters in the hood to avoid the build-up of grease. The fans have anti-vibration mounts and the internal circuitry is watertight due to IP55. Manufactured with double-walled stainless steel, the extractor fan is strong, light and easy to clean.