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Frecciainox presents: induction cook tops

Frecciainox presents: induction cook tops


Italian quality in kitchen equipment

Frecciainox is an Italian company that supplies professional kitchens and hotels across Europe with a range of professional stainless steel units which are ideal for business use. Take time to browse our online catalogue and check out the complete range of kitchen machinery and utensils we supply to professional kitchens all over the world. An example are our induction cook tops, let’s learn something more about them!

A great choice

Our induction cook tops are optimized for maximum energy savings, with a self heating cooking area being determined by the size of the pots and controlled by the cooktop’s potentiometer. Our range of induction cooktops includes the Prof. 700, which offers two or four cooking zones, has useful under stove storage for utensils and provides cooking areas of 230mm x 230mm, each one using 3.5kw of electricity. The unit is slimline: with a width of just 400mm it fits neatly within Frecciainox’s kitchen layouts. The unit with four cooking zones has nine temperature levels for maximum control over cooking, and a width of 800mm. The Prof. 900 range uses 10kw of electricity for the unit with two cooking zones and 20kw for the unit with four zones. Last but not least, the Prof. 700 Eco series has the same specifications as the Prof. 700, but the units are 850mm in height. Please visit our website if you are willing to find detailed information on the cook tops!

Induction cook tops at Frecciainox

Frecciainox is an Italian brand with years of experience in kitchen equipment manufacturing. The company often showcases its stainless steel units at some of the most prestigious catering and culinary exhibitions in Italy. Takeaways, cafes, restaurants and hotels can opt for a complete range of high quality stainless steel units to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, while the modern design of the Frecciainox range of kitchenware is appealing and makes any professional chef happy!