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Let’s discover Frecciainox’s food equipment!

Let’s discover Frecciainox’s food equipment!


Italian quality equipment

In the commercial food equipment and industrial kitchen sector, the Italian company Frecciainox is fast becoming the go to place. The company stocks all that is needed for the commercial preparation of food, including sausage stuffing machines for butchers. You can see some of the great equipment the company has to offer if you visit the company’s website, where you can find all the information you need about food equipment and tools for professional kitchens.

Equipment for keeping food fresh or hot

Frecciainox supplies food equipment to those working in all areas of the commercial food sector. Butchers and supermarket managers deal with food that needs to be vacuum packed. The Frecciainox vacuum machine allows the user to choose the size of the bag and the right amount of air needed to keep a particular product fresh. The vacuum machine comes in two sizes, and it has a bar to seal the bag once the product is packed. Whether it’s minced beef, or cooked ham, this piece of equipment is a boon for those who need to pack food. If you need to keep trays of food hot and hygienic then you need the company’s heat sealer for counter trays. The heat sealer is not the same as the vacuum sealer, as it ensures that the food is kept hygienically hot. You can control the heat by the various switches. The heat sealer is ideal for bakeries and for restaurants.

Food equipment: getting the work done faster

When you are running a restaurant, you often have to peel a huge amount of potatoes. The Frecciainox professional peeler takes around two minutes to clean vegetables and about a hour to peel around 300kg of potatoes. Fish restaurant owners will love the stainless steel professional cleaning tool, as it can clean 150kg of mussels in about a hour.