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What are the extractor systems for professional kitchens?

What are the extractor systems for professional kitchens?

Extractor systems

What Are Extractor Systems And How Do They Work?

Extractor systems are very essential parts of commercial kitchens. In fact, they are a legal requirement. Professional kitchens are well designed with ventilation systems to extract all poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and elements of grease in the air. The extraction of such materials brings their prevalence down to acceptable levels by the health authorities. All extractor systems have several things in common. They all come with canopy’s for collection of fumes, grease and carbon filters, fan(s) and effective ducting. Most of them are also designed to reduce vibration and decrease noise. Some of the best and latest extractors are found at Frecciainox.com.

The Process Of Installation

There are several steps involved in the installation of kitchen extractors. However, before you get absorbed in the purchase and installation of the extractors, do some research about the extraction systems to find out which are the best. If you are green about this, consult the experts. They will be able to advise you accordingly. Professional companies have got experts who are able to design, supply, install and even offer maintenance services. They also offer free advice.

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Extractor Systems

Installing extractor canopies and systems is not enough. Apart from regular maintenance, they should be cleaned regularly to avoid any disaster. They can be very smelly, unhygienic and very dangerous. They can also be a home to vermin. Accumulated grease and other gases form a very combustible material that could blow up and cause a disaster. That is why cleaning is very necessary. Cleaning the system once or twice a year is good for health. The best way to do it is to hire a professional company. Such companies use various methods to ensure the systems are thoroughly cleaned. Apart from killing bacteria using special foaming agents, they remove and steam clean extraction fans, collecting debris using special vacuum.