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Blast chillers, a cooling solution with a lot of benefits

Blast chillers, a cooling solution with a lot of benefits




What is a blast chiller?

A blast chiller is a particular type of freezer that is specifically designed to reduce the temperature of food quickly and efficiently. The food can either be pre-cooked or fresh. A blast chiller preserves the nutritional properties of the food, because the freezing process is very fast. This ensures that the food you will serve will always be of the best quality. A blast chiller freezes food up to twenty times faster than standard refrigerators.


The major advantage of using a blast chiller is that it maintains food quality. Using a blast chiller is essential if you want to preserve the appearance and taste of the food, but also its flavor, aroma, texture and nutrients. This feature makes a blast chiller the perfect solution for professional kitchens. Moreover, a blast chiller has the ability to prevent food shrinkage, because this particular cooling method reduces the extent of dehydration by preventing natural evaporation. A blast chiller is essential in professional kitchens as it saves time and money. As a matter of fact, food can be prepared and stored in advance, when the staff is less busy.

What is the ideal blast chiller?

Frecciainox offers two types of blast chillers, Shock Freezer 3 Trays and Shock Freezer 5 Trays. Depending on your needs, you can either chose the Shock Freezer 3 Trays, which has less capacity and occupies less room space, or the Shock Freezer 5 Trays, which has a greater capacity. Frecciainox’s blast chillers are made of stainless steel and can reduce the temperature of food from +70 °C to +3°C in 90 minutes. More information about the blast chillers can be found at Frecciainox’s website.