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Refrigerating rooms: a comparison to help you choose the best one

Refrigerating rooms: a comparison to help you choose the best one


Lots of choices for cold storage

The company Frecciainox offers many options for cold storage refrigeration needs in the industrial kitchens. A must-have for hotels, supermarkets, cafeterias and restaurants, refrigerating rooms keep food at its optimum temperature prior to cooking. One important feature of cold storage rooms is that they can be locked when not in use. Furthermore, they offer a safety release on the inside so that the chef is not stuck inside if the door accidentally closes.

Temperatures and Specifications

For extreme freezing, refrigerating rooms can be as chilly as – 18 to – 20° C. There are twelve models of cold room available for this temperature range. Features include galvanized sheet metal with a non-toxic PVC plastic of 120 microns. On the outside the unit is finished using PVC profiles, which are smooth and don’t show screws. For insulation, there is a 100 mm thick paneling.
There are also units with an inner temperature of -2 C to +8° C. These units use remote engines which are fully compliant with HACCP. They also have an overflow valve and junction box, and on the inside non-slip flooring and 60mm insulated panels.
Models with temperature ranging from 0 degrees to +6° C are available, too. These units come with a Fast-fit locking fastener, dual engagement and centering system. Key lock and unlock security are standard.

How to Choose?

First, take measurements of the space you have available. This will help you when deciding the maximum size of the refrigerating room. Then, figure out how much food you plan to keep in cold storage, and for how long. If food is rotating in and out fairly quickly, a smaller unit is the best option: it works well just like a larger one, but it requires less space. Additionally, think of the type of food you keep in cold storage most often. This point will help you decide what range of temperature you actually need. Finally, make a generous estimate of how much food will need to be in cold storage at a time. With these factors outlined, shopping for a refrigerating room will be easy!

How to choose among the different refrigerated cabinets on the market

How to choose among the different refrigerated cabinets on the market


The refrigerated Cabinet: Which One is Best for Your Business?

So you need a refrigerated cabinet; the choice should be pretty simple, right? Wrong. There’s a variety of refrigerated cabinets for business owners to choose from, each one designed to meet the specific needs of different kinds of establishment.

Multi-deck cabinets, great for supermarkets

Multi-deck cabinets are most often found on the milk, cheese or chilled meats aisles in supermarkets. These large, open-face cabinets are great for displaying row upon row of easy to reach products, in a way which is attractive and accessible to the customer. This type of cabinet is also useful for exhibiting your wares at trade shows or other events.

Have a restaurant or bar? The reach-in refrigerated cabinet is the item for you

If you run a bar or restaurant, you need to keep everything neat and tidy: reach-in refrigerated cabinets are perfect for this. You already have a menu, so you don’t need to display your products directly, and the sleek and modern chrome-finish doors of reach-in cabinets are much easier on the eye than rows of cluttered products. Reach-in cabinets keep all your products safely stored and easily accessible while projecting the image you want to create.

Refrigerated cabinets for delicatessen

Owners of delicatessens or cafes might find refrigerated cabinets to be the most suited to their needs. Similar to multi-deck cabinets, but somewhat smaller in scale, refrigerated cabinets for delicatessen have an open front through which customers and staff can view and select the product they need. These cabinets can be set up around your till or point-of-sale area, allowing customers to select drinks or desserts to go with their other purchases.

Open-top cabinets for self-service business

Buffet-style open-top refrigerated cabinets are used for displaying desserts, chilled food, fresh fruit and vegetables. If you operate a self-service business, this kind of cabinet makes it easy for customers to select and exactly what they want, while the open-top ensures that all your products are equally prominent.

Choose the best refrigerated cabinet

Choosing the right refrigerated cabinet means assessing the needs of your business and deciding which cabinet will meet those needs most effectively. Take a look at some of the cabinets offered by Frecciainox and select the one which suits your brand and the service you offer to your customers. Choose the right one and watch your profits soar.

Features of professional ice makers

Features of Professional Ice Makers

Professional ice makers

Icemakers for commercial kitchen

Every commercial kitchen requires some kind of icemaker. If you intend to buy one for your business, you will have to focus on the features you need the most. As a matter of fact, different professional ice makers have different features that offer a variety of benefits. Your choice of icemaker will depend on what you need to run your business successfully.
So, what features should you be on the lookout for when buying professional ice makers?

Ice Production Mechanism

The kind of business that you run will dictate the kind of icemaker that you will end up buying. Some machines produce nugget ice while others produce flaked or cubed ice. Nugget ice is great for blended drinks, while flaked ice is more suitable for beverages. Cubed ice, on the other hand, is used mainly for cocktail drinks and soda.
The ice production mechanism of the icemaker is therefore an important feature for you to consider if you want to make state-of-the-art drinks that will amaze your customers.
The condensing mechanism of the professional icemaker is important, too. Air-cooled machines are great if you have proper air vents in place, you want to avoid water wastage, and do not mind having a little bit of noise in your commercial kitchen.
The water-cooled machines, on the other hand, are more expensive but quieter and use less electricity in the long term. If you do not mind making a little effort in installing them and want to avoid noise in the kitchen, you should buy them.


Some ice making machines have filters, while others do not. The filters help produce clean and fresh water for ice making. Buying an icemaker without filters may result in bad taste and quality of the ice produced. You would do well to buy an icemaker with filters if you want to get the best results.

Size and Production Capability

The size of an ice machine, as well as its production capability, is an aspect that you should take into consideration. The larger the icemaker and the higher its production capacity, the more ice you will be able to make in any given day.


Do pay attention to the features of the professional ice making machine before buying it. You cannot afford to get your decision wrong. Companies like Frecciainox have enough varieties to suit a wide range of business needs.