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Pastry equipment: quality is important!

Pastry equipment: quality is important!


Professional tools are a must

Pastry-making is a very delicate job that requires a great deal of expertise and passion, but also top quality pastry equipment. As a matter of fact, professional tools are fundamental for a pastry chef, because they ease the work and save precious time.

Let’s discover the professional mixers!

Among pastry equipment, professional mixers are unique, as they turn a redundant task into an easy job. Using mixers will save you a great amount of time, letting the chef free to concentrate on pastry-making. Frecciainox offers two series of standing mixers – the F and S series. The S series comes in nine different models with a capacity that goes from 7 to 60 litres. The F series offers professional models with 8 to 40 litres of capacity. Our mixers include double whip and single mix attachments.

Pastry equipment online

A pastry mixer is the ideal tool for kneading and mixing, which are two fundamental activities in pastry-making. The mixer is a real time saver; at the same time, it ensures a perfect dough. As a matter of fact, there is no risk of consistency issues, as the chef will not have to work large amounts of ingredients by hand. The pastry mixer can be used to make bread, too. There are two kinds of mixers: on the one hand there’s the planetary mixer, a powerful machine that is able to mix ingredients in a uniform manner. On the other hand, there is the hand-held mixer, that can help the chef get every ingredient correctly combined, according to the recipe. Visit our website if you are looking for top-quality professional pastry equipment. We have a great choice of mixers, slicers, hoppers and much more. Our staff will be happy to help you find the best solution!