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Differences between the spiral mixer and the planetary mixer

Differences between the spiral mixer and the planetary mixer


A fundamental tool in any kitchen

Mixers are a necessity in the world of pastry shops, pizzerias and bakeries. The planetary and the spiral mixer are commonly used by chefs and bakers due to their ease of use and high-efficiency levels. In most pastry shops and bakeries you will find either one or both. When it comes to making a decision on which one between the two is the most suitable for your shop, it is important to consider what you want to prepare and the volume of production.

The planetary mixer

It is different from the spiral mixer and is ideal for small bakeries. The planetary mixer comes with interchangeable utensils, such as the dough hook, the whisk and the mixing paddle, that allow the user to prepare a wide variety of dishes. The planetary mixer has a removable pot, so that the dough can be removed. It has variable speed for the development of different consistencies. The mixer is very versatile, as the user can add different attachments for chopping, grating, and slicing. It also contains an agitator that turns while the mixing bowl stays stationary.

The spiral mixer

This model is commonly found in pizzerias and bakeries. They are purposely used for mixing the ingredients and make the dough. The main feature of the spiral mixer is the rotational movement of the spiral hook and the mixer pot. The rotational movement ensures that only one part of the dough is being worked on. This maintains low friction heat to produce a homogenous mix. This specialised design makes it ideal for mixing large quantities of dough at a time. The spiral mixers mix high quantities of dough at much faster rates than the planetary ones. Another difference with the planetary mixer is that you do not have to change the agitator or bowl when mixing less quantities. Both the spiral mixer and the planetary mixer are available at Frecciainox.