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The Use of a Lava Stone Grill: Advantages and Features

The Use of a Lava Stone Grill: Advantages and Features

Lava stone grill

What Kind Of Grill Is It?

A lava stone grill is usually a grilling piece of equipment that contains a lava stone. The lava stone is used to enhance heat distribution during the grilling process. If you want convenience every time you grill something, you should definitely consider buying a grill with lava stone. Products of this nature made by Frecciainox, are quite popular and of high quality.

What Features Does The Grill Have?

No two models of a grill with lava stone are exactly alike. However, many of them have similar features.
1. Stainless steel construction
One of the major features of a grill with lava stone is the stainless material used to make it. The metal is a wonderful heat conductor and can withstand high temperatures. It therefore works well with the lava stone because the latter also has a high capacity for heat. After all, lava stones are usually formed by volcanic action when temperatures are extremely high.
2. Gas power source
Another major feature of most grills that have lava stones is a gas source of energy. The gas type may be natural or LPG. Gas grills do not distribute heat evenly, which is why they benefit from the lava stone. In any case, grills that use charcoal or wood as the energy source do not require lava stone because they distribute heat well.

What Benefits Does The Grill Have?

Grilling with lava stones does have several benefits.
1. Even distribution of heat
Lava stone is porous. For that reason, it absorbs heat evenly when heated. When used for grilling, it helps to cook food extremely well.
2. Heat retention
Once a lava stone has been heated, it can retain heat for a long time. For that reason, you can continue grilling with residual heat even after you have cut off the gas supply. This helps to save energy even further since gas is already a cheaper source of energy if compared to electricity.
3. Flavour infusion
A gas powered grill is not great at imparting flavour when cooking. However, a lava stone turns the dripping food juices into vapour during the grilling process. This vapour infuses into the food and gives it a smoky flavour. A grill with a lava stone is therefore a good compromise if you want the smoky flavour usually given by charcoal grills, in addition to heating convenience and lower energy bills overall.