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Discover the best wine cooler cabinets

Discover the best wine cooler cabinets


Many models

There are four main wine cooler cabinets which Frecciainox has to offer, for the joy of the wine connoisseur and sommelier. They have been developed with an eye towards the optimum preservation of the wine. Available for online purchase, the coolers can be selected depending on the most important criteria for the customer. For instance, there are classic, professional, mono and dual temperature machines. The quantity of bottles each cabinet can hold varies, and models can store wine at temperatures between +5 and +18 degrees Celsius. These machines are perfect for home or small restaurant/catering use.

Wine cooler cabinets – specifications

The 40 bottle model runs on 230V and uses R600A for refrigerant. It is 36Kg in weight, and the dimensions of it are 380x865x602mm. Its temperature range goes from +5° Celsius to +18° Celsius. The next model in the line offers dual temperature settings and the capacity to store 36 bottles. It’s wider than the 40 bottle model, with dimensions 493x840x587mm. It can handle temperatures in two ranges, 5 to 10° Celsius or 10 to 18° Celsius. The slender models of wine cooler cabinets are available in black or brown and have an height of 1856mm and 1840mm. The black model offers a sloping shelf for the display of the products, while the brown is set up for upright bottles such as beer or ale.

Suitable for any wine

With the temperature ranges available in this line of wine cooler cabinets there are a variety of wines and beers which would be well suited to these Italian made refrigerated machines. For instance, strong beer should be stored at 12.7 to 15.5° Celsius, while red wine is usually stored at 10 to 12.7° Celsius. White wine is generally set to a single temperature, 7.2° Celsius. Clients want to enjoy their wines: having a constant temperature for the bottles can preserve the content and ensure that upon uncorking. With a Frecciainox cabinet each wine will always be at its best!