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Comparing the various cooktops suitable for professional cookers

Comparing the Various Cooktops Suitable For Professional Cookers

Cooktops for professional cookers

While most of the professional cookers in the market today use mostly gas or electricity, the types of cooktops are more varied. Many of them use the aforementioned energy sources in multiple ways to heat and cook food. For that reason, the types of cooktops for professional cookers are more than two.
So, what are your options as far as cooktops are concerned? How does each type work?

Electric Cooktops

Electric cooktops are varied, depending on the heating surface.
1. Electric Radiant Coil Cooktops
These kinds of cooktops heat the cookware in a direct manner using a radiant coil, which is exposed. Many of them usually have drip bowls that are located underneath to catch any food spills that occur.
The radiant coil cooktops are usually cheaper. They also heat up relatively quickly. In addition, they cook food quite evenly since the heat underneath the cookware is distributed in the same way. All these are benefits worth considering.
2. Electric Radiant Ceramic Cooktops
These cooktops use radiant heating elements like halogen bulbs or coils built underneath a ceramic glass, which is tempered. The actual cooktop is therefore quite smooth, which is why it may also be known as a smooth-top electric cooktop.
The ceramic cooktops heat up quickly and cool just as fast. The heat is therefore easy to control. The surface of such cooktops is smooth and aesthetically pleasing. It is also very easy and convenient to clean.
3. Solid Hotplate Cooktops
These cooktops heat cookware using a solid metal plate. The hot plate takes a long time to heat up and cool down, which makes it hard to control in terms of temperature.
The hot plate nature of the cooktop can be advantageous if you like to finish your cooking with residual heat. The hot plate cooktop is also a low-cost electric piece of equipment that will save you money.