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Pizza gas ovens: how to choose the best one for your business

Pizza gas ovens: how to choose the best one for your business



The importance of the pizza oven

There are few foods that are as famous as pizza. It is found in virtually every eatery and some businesses, known as pizzerias, specialize in making a variety of pizzas. The popularity of the dish means that an eatery that makes high quality pizzas will always have many customers. The pizza oven is the most important equipment in a restaurant. One can have the perfect ingredients but it is the oven that makes the pizza either so good that people will come back for more or so bad that it will soon destroy one’s pizza business. In essence, a pizza oven is the cornerstone of any pizza business. Thus, choosing the right oven is one of the most important tasks for any restaurant or eatery.

Choosing pizza gas ovens

The most common pizza ovens are pizza gas ovens, like those made by Frecciainox, but electric pizza ovens are also available on the market. Commercial ovens usually have larger capacity in order to cook several pizzas. This enables the business to sell many pizzas at the same time. The main advantage of pizza gas ovens over electric ovens is on operating costs. Gas is relatively cheaper than electricity, especially in the UK, and the business can make huge savings by investing in a pizza gas oven rather than in an electric one.

What to look for when shopping for a pizza oven

When shopping for a pizza gas oven, one of the most important things to look out for is the baking stone. Traditionally, pizzas were baked on a baking stone that allowed heat distribution and played a major role in giving flavor and crispness to the pizza. Frecciainox’s pizza gas ovens have a honeycombed refractory stone that replicates the traditional way of heat distribution in a modern appliance. Thus, the pizza has the same taste and texture as a traditionally made pizza. The interior of the oven must be made of a material that is easy to clean because the frequent use of the pizza oven means that it will require frequent cleaning. This includes the baking stone which must be easy to remove from the oven for cleaning. Finally, the structure must be made of heat resistant material in order to reduce heat wastage and save on costs.

Pizza benches: what are and how to choose the best ones

Pizza benches: what are and how to choose the best ones


Choosing the best pizza bench

A pizza bench is an important part of a good pizza restaurant or takeaway. It saves work because the counter is at the optimal height to work the dough and add toppings and sauce. There are many models with extra storage and shelving to hold all the required tools and ingredients in one location, saving space as well as time in a busy kitchen. Choosing the right pizza bench can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you determine what you require in a pizza bench and what type would best suit your needs as a chef.

Types of benches

Some pizza benches are fixed while others can be rolled like a cart. There are even some which are refrigerated. A good bench will likely be made of stainless steel, while the top may be of different materials. Granite is usually recommended and preferred as a counter surface, as it is considered ideal for working the dough. The refrigerated component can be a display case where your ingredients are stored.

Frecciainox: many different options for professional kitchens

There are different accessories and setups available for pizza benches, ranging from small to large stainless steel bins, which hold things like the shredded cheese, sliced meat, cubed toppings. The multiple options for chilled display cases are offered with short workspace or sizable workspace alongside the refrigerated trays. The all-in-one elite model has elevated refrigerated trays inside the curved display counter. It also has a full prep counter under the cooled tray area, and cupboards, which offer ample room for storing all the supplies. The best way to choose a pizza bench is to decide what height you are comfortable working at, how much space you need for the dough and the capacity of the refrigerated trays.

Which catering equipment must a pizzeria have?

Which have?

Which catering equipment must a pizzeria have?


Commercial Kitchens has over the decades been using stainless steel appliances. Steel appliances have a long life span and are easy to maintain. It is advisable, when opening a pizzeria to consider if you want to sell pie per slice, or you will do a full blown pizzeria. You should consider your financial ability, the location of the business and then the size of your business premise. These considerations will help you before deciding which equipment to buy; large or small.

Equipment in a pizzeria

Many will agree that cleaning of stainless steel is easier than any other equipment in the kitchen. Some of the appliances and equipment that must be in a pizzeria like; pizza cutters counter pizza ovens, dough rollers, ladles, dough dividers and dough mixers. Others like pizza prep make-line tables and custom stainless steel equipments are also used in a pizzeria because of their quality, durability, and ability to keep clean.

Large stainless steel pizza ovens by the FRECCIAINOX Company are specifically designed especially for pizzerias. Choose if you would prefer ovens that uniformly bake each pizza to standard ovens that are operated manually. It should be noted that it is one of the most costly equipment in a pizzeria. Vented pizza sheets and pizza pans are typically stainless steel appliances that are reusable. You will need them regularly to cut the pies in the right shapes.

Choose the equipment that fits your budget. Remember the appliances complement each other, and you cannot substitute one for another. A caliber cooler and freezer is one that is essential. It is used to freeze items like meatballs and ice creams. These are items that should not lack in a pizzeria.


Finally, we cannot avoid stainless equipments; whether it is at home or in the hotels. Stainless steel products are known for their quality and durability.