Kitchen cutter: bring precision in your kitchen!

Kitchen cutter: bring precision in your kitchen!


Chopping made easy

A professional kitchen cutter is a good asset for a chef. Whether you are running a restaurant, a hotel, a canteen or a professional kitchen, having a kitchen cutter can help you save time when preparing food. Cutters are very useful, because they ease the task of cutting and chopping the ingredients.

A must-have for chefs

A professional kitchen cutter can fulfill different functions. Using attachments, it can knead, mix, chop, and cut food in large quantities. For food preparation, a cutter is ideal. It can be set to chop onions, garlic, celery, and other vegetables. It can also grate cheese, shred vegetables, make bread crumbs, chop nuts, and handle very hard or very soft food and ingredients. It goes without saying that a professional cutter is a must-have for any professional kitchen!

Specifications of the kitchen cutter

The kitchen cutter comes in three models with 3, 5 and 8 litre capacity tanks. The smallest one, the 3 litre model, is 230x200x410mm with tank dimensions of 180x105mm. If 3 litres of capacity are not enough for you, you can opt for the larger models, which are perfect for big industrial kitchens. Thanks to a stainless steel body, these made in Italy machines are solid and resistant. The units come with a removable bowl, a stainless steel cutting knife, and a clear plastic cover. They have been specifically designed in order to be easy to clean in no time and with no effort. If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, browse through our online catalogue and choose your new kitchen cutter! Our cutters are made of stainless steel and are manufactured in Italy. Compare the models on our website and buy the one that best suits your needs!

Frecciainox presents: induction cook tops

Frecciainox presents: induction cook tops


Italian quality in kitchen equipment

Frecciainox is an Italian company that supplies professional kitchens and hotels across Europe with a range of professional stainless steel units which are ideal for business use. Take time to browse our online catalogue and check out the complete range of kitchen machinery and utensils we supply to professional kitchens all over the world. An example are our induction cook tops, let’s learn something more about them!

A great choice

Our induction cook tops are optimized for maximum energy savings, with a self heating cooking area being determined by the size of the pots and controlled by the cooktop’s potentiometer. Our range of induction cooktops includes the Prof. 700, which offers two or four cooking zones, has useful under stove storage for utensils and provides cooking areas of 230mm x 230mm, each one using 3.5kw of electricity. The unit is slimline: with a width of just 400mm it fits neatly within Frecciainox’s kitchen layouts. The unit with four cooking zones has nine temperature levels for maximum control over cooking, and a width of 800mm. The Prof. 900 range uses 10kw of electricity for the unit with two cooking zones and 20kw for the unit with four zones. Last but not least, the Prof. 700 Eco series has the same specifications as the Prof. 700, but the units are 850mm in height. Please visit our website if you are willing to find detailed information on the cook tops!

Induction cook tops at Frecciainox

Frecciainox is an Italian brand with years of experience in kitchen equipment manufacturing. The company often showcases its stainless steel units at some of the most prestigious catering and culinary exhibitions in Italy. Takeaways, cafes, restaurants and hotels can opt for a complete range of high quality stainless steel units to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, while the modern design of the Frecciainox range of kitchenware is appealing and makes any professional chef happy!

Vegetable cutting machine: why you really need one

Vegetable cutting machine: why you really need one



Speed up the work

When you are in the catering business, you want to use anything that makes the job of producing hundreds of dishes easier to handle. Vegetable preparation is often a headache even in a domestic kitchen. In a commercial environment, you need all the help and shortcuts you can get. Speed is really essential when you have to prepare large quantities of vegetables for a large number of people, which is why you need a vegetable cutting machine.

Vegetable cutting machine – choose Frecciainox!

Most professional chefs want only the best products in their kitchens. There’s nothing worse than machinery that doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do or needs constant and expensive maintenance. When you’re faced with a couple of hundred kilos of vegetables that need to be chopped, you want a machine to speed up the task. Fast and accurate chopping is what the latest Frecciainox cutting machine is designed to do. The machine has a removable lid, which makes it easy to add or remove the various accessories, and ensures that the machine is easy to clean.


The body and accessories of the vegetable cutting machine are made of stainless steel and can chop or slice up to 200 kilos of vegetables in a hour. The machine slices and chops vegetables very fast, as it is equipped with a ventilated induction motor. The disks that accompany the machine are designed for different cutting and slicing techniques, and for specific foods. The machine’s ABS is equipped with a pestle and the digital keyboard that accompanies the machine is practical and easy to use. If you own a restaurant and run a professional kitchen, the vegetable cutting machine is a necessary tool for your work. Visit our website for more information!