Commercial ice makers – buy them at Frecciainox!

Commercial ice makers – buy them at Frecciainox!



The importance of ice makers

Having an ice maker in a commercial kitchen is almost a prerequisite for success. Ice on demand is a sure way to ease the work and is of great help for food preparation, particularly when ingredients must be on the counter yet remain chilled, or when ice is a part of the dish itself. Bars and restaurants can make heavy use of ice makers. Frecciainox has several solutions for kitchens looking forward to buying commercial ice makers, with many models in a variety of dimensions and features.


The commercial ice makers are made of stainless steel and are designed to be easy to clean and easy to use. Depending on the size, commercial ice makers can make up to 130kg of ice in the Frecciainox machines. There are machines that produce cubes with a hole through the center that can make from 18Kg to 130Kg of ice, and the full cube machines, which can produce from 20Kg to 105Kg of ice. The ice makers are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and come with a recessed door, water cooling, and have been designed to work with either soft or hard water.

Commercial ice makers – a great choice of models

If you choose the models with a capacity of 18Kg of ice per day, the dimensions are 375x487x595mm. These ice makers run on 220-230V power and have a container capacity of 6kg. The dimensions of the biggest model are 930x56x1160mm, and the net weight is 133Kg. The ice-cube weight in grams is 22, and the container capacity is 50Kg. It can produce as much as 105Kg of ice per day. Choosing a well-designed Frecciainox machine will ensure that ice is always available when needed, without interruptions. It is important to have a clean source of fresh ice, and preferably one which can handle different kinds of water: a Frecciainox ice maker is what you need!