Let’s discover multifunction ovens

Let’s discover multifunction ovens



What is a multifunction oven?

A multifunction oven is a modern type of oven that combines a fan oven with a conventional one. While most ovens in the market use only one form of heating technology, multifunction ovens have a control knob that let you choose which heating method you prefer, allowing you to prepare a great variety of food.

What are the benefits?

A multifunction oven has various significant advantages over other types of ovens. This is the reason why it is the ideal solution for a professional kitchen. Using the multifunction oven allows you to choose the type of heating technology according to what you need to prepare. As a matter of fact, some dishes, such as a roast, require conventional heating technology, while convection heating is perfect for baking.

Many models at Frecciainox

Frecciainox offers a great choice of multifunction ovens to suit all needs. You can choose either the smaller Multichef Oven, which can bake three trays at the same time, or the larger version, which bakes up to four trays. The Multichef Oven 3 Trays measures 830x810x460mm, while the Multichef Oven 4 Trays measures
830x810x540mm. In terms of features, the two types of Multichef ovens manufactured by Frecciainox are basically the same. They both have digital controls and a touch screen control panel. The grills and fans are made of stainless steel. Frecciainox Multichef Ovens adapt easily to any work environment, featuring a modern design with interior lighting that use halogen lamps. The doors of the ovens are designed with tubular frames and self-lubricating hinges that ensure minimal wear and tear. The Multichef Ovens are of superior quality and are the perfect solution for professional kitchens. If you want more information about multifunction ovens, just visit Frecciainox’s website.