Make magic with your oven: choose the right equipment

Make magic with your oven: choose the right equipment


Equipment for bakery ovens

Oven equipment is the heart of any commercial kitchen. Whether small or large, the oven and its accessories can make a huge impact on the quality of food and on gustatory satisfaction. There are many types of oven and each has its specific components. As an example, there are the 40 x 60-inch baking pans, which come in different types of metal and can be flat, with a shallow lip, or corrugated. Wash systems and grilles are also available. Of course, baking ovens perform best when the accessories used are of high quality and appropriate for whatever food the chef wants to prepare. Do not underestimate oven equipment: quality accessories make it easier to perform the job and assure better results!

Gastronomy Ovens – some accessories

Grilling plates and dishes are a fundamental part of the equipment for ovens and they come in a variety of sizes to suit any serving. There are also USB port connections for convection ovens, which let the chef save custom settings and programs. Pan-fried food can be made in the oven rather than on the stove top if you have the right pans and trays. Chicken grills for up to eight chickens allow the chef to make good and healthy meals. There are even oven support racks. All of these components make it possible for the chef to use the most precise techniques to always achieve the best results.

Components for multifunction ovens

Oven equipment for multifunction ovens combines creativity with functionality. Where one oven has to perform several different functions, there are the support racks, convection venting systems, grilling and ‘frying’ oven pans and bakery flat sheets. Oven equipment is fundamental for a professional chef, so choosing the right components is very important in order to get the best out of the oven.