The advantages of a professional bain-marie in your kitchen

The advantages of a professional bain-marie in your kitchen


Bain-Marie is a chef saver in the professional kitchen

Also known as a hot-water bath, a professional bain-marie appliance in the kitchen can be a real asset to a chef. The purpose of a bain-marie is to heat food slowly and without causing it to burn, for instance, if you want to melt chocolate or create cream type sauces. For custards and terrines, a bain-marie cannot be beaten, as they turn out very well when cooked in a hot-water bath. Frecciainox’s bain-marie offers the heat and gentleness of a traditional hot-water bath, without the messy work of using several pots and ceramic dishes to achieve the desired effect.

An old tradition

The hot-water bath known as bain-marie comes from medieval times and was named after Mary, Moses’ sister. It was believed that Mary was a genius alchemist who used the hot-water bath for alchemy, though later people would apply her idea for food preparation, as well as for scientific experiments where materials needed to be gently heated to an exact temperature. The concept hasn’t changed very much since its inception: a heat source warms water in which a basin or container sits. Inside the container is where the food or object to be heated is placed.

The professional bain-marie, a must have for chefs

Amateur chefs create bain-marie hot-water baths in their home kitchens using a two pot system. Bottom pot contains water and top pot is where food is placed so that it is heated by the water (without being immersed). While “home methods” will work in smaller kitchens, a professional chef deserves a professional bain-marie. Temperature will be precise, water can stay hot for as long as needed, and the sturdy industrial versions for commercial kitchen use help minimize the chances of a hot-water bath being knocked over by an exuberant helper or busy chef.

How to choose among the different refrigerated cabinets on the market

How to choose among the different refrigerated cabinets on the market


The refrigerated Cabinet: Which One is Best for Your Business?

So you need a refrigerated cabinet; the choice should be pretty simple, right? Wrong. There’s a variety of refrigerated cabinets for business owners to choose from, each one designed to meet the specific needs of different kinds of establishment.

Multi-deck cabinets, great for supermarkets

Multi-deck cabinets are most often found on the milk, cheese or chilled meats aisles in supermarkets. These large, open-face cabinets are great for displaying row upon row of easy to reach products, in a way which is attractive and accessible to the customer. This type of cabinet is also useful for exhibiting your wares at trade shows or other events.

Have a restaurant or bar? The reach-in refrigerated cabinet is the item for you

If you run a bar or restaurant, you need to keep everything neat and tidy: reach-in refrigerated cabinets are perfect for this. You already have a menu, so you don’t need to display your products directly, and the sleek and modern chrome-finish doors of reach-in cabinets are much easier on the eye than rows of cluttered products. Reach-in cabinets keep all your products safely stored and easily accessible while projecting the image you want to create.

Refrigerated cabinets for delicatessen

Owners of delicatessens or cafes might find refrigerated cabinets to be the most suited to their needs. Similar to multi-deck cabinets, but somewhat smaller in scale, refrigerated cabinets for delicatessen have an open front through which customers and staff can view and select the product they need. These cabinets can be set up around your till or point-of-sale area, allowing customers to select drinks or desserts to go with their other purchases.

Open-top cabinets for self-service business

Buffet-style open-top refrigerated cabinets are used for displaying desserts, chilled food, fresh fruit and vegetables. If you operate a self-service business, this kind of cabinet makes it easy for customers to select and exactly what they want, while the open-top ensures that all your products are equally prominent.

Choose the best refrigerated cabinet

Choosing the right refrigerated cabinet means assessing the needs of your business and deciding which cabinet will meet those needs most effectively. Take a look at some of the cabinets offered by Frecciainox and select the one which suits your brand and the service you offer to your customers. Choose the right one and watch your profits soar.

Which electric oven is best for delicatessen use?

Which electric oven is best for delicatessen use?



A must-have item for every delicatessen

For smaller-scale operations where food is made “on demand”, a good electric powered oven for gastronomy is an asset to the business. An electric oven might perform one function but do it repeatedly all day long if needed. For instance, there are smaller industrial ovens whose only job is to bake pizza, or toast bread, or grill a sandwich. These ovens are just as powerful as their larger counterparts, though their capacity may be smaller. If a business or chef does not want to make large quantities of food or prefers to serve it fresh for each customer, a small electric oven suits nicely.

Quality and durability

Good ovens for gastronomy will serve the exact function it has been purchased for. It will last in time and provide value for its price, being made of quality stainless steel parts. An example of such an item is the upright baking oven. Good for gastronomy and for making lots of baked breads for a delicatessen, a standing oven maximizes vertical rather than horizontal floor space, leaving more room for the preparation of sandwiches. One of the things which makes an electric-powered oven the best choice for a delicatessen is the fact that it is always easier to find an electric outlet for a smaller oven than to have a system installed for natural gas or propane to circulate around to multiple appliances and areas.

Baking at its best with Frecciainox’s ovens

Frecciainox is an Italian company which offers a variety of top-quality stainless steel ovens for delicatessen use. Be it a small electric oven or a larger one, you can rest assured that Frecciainox’s ovens will become an essential tool in your delicatessen, helping you prepare state-of-the-art food. Visit our site for the whole catalogue and choose the oven that best suits your needs!