Professional pasta cooker: how and what to choose

Professional pasta cooker: how and what to choose



Cook pasta like a pro with a professional pasta cooker

Chefs who know their way around a kitchen enjoy the results from using the correct tools for the right job. This is especially true when it comes to pasta, a food which can change from under to over cooked in an instant. Frecciainox’s industrial pasta cooker offers mounds of fresh and perfectly made pasta. There are four sizes of pasta cooker you can choose, according to the amount of pasta you need to prepare. This device makes it easier to prepare as much pasta as necessary and still have it properly cooked and ready when you need it.

A great choice of pasta cookers at Frecciainox

The Prof 600 model contains several baskets for cooking and draining pasta and it is generally used for smaller restaurants. Next in size is the Prof 700 which is for professional use, where the chef may need to have a 40 liter capacity tub for pasta. It comes with a handle for water filling and is fixed to its stainless steel cabinet. What makes the Prof 700 eco different from the standard model is the 4-position switch. This model is good for medium-sized restaurants and other establishments. The largest in the series, Frecciainox Prof 900 is perfect to cook for the masses. It has six different configurations and sizes ranging from the two, 40 liter model, to a six, 40 liter model.

Gas or electric, there’s a pasta cooker for every need

Whether cooking for a lot of people or using it in a small restaurant, having a good-quality pasta cooker is essential for the success of pasta-based meals. As you can see from our website, you can choose between electric or gas pasta cookers, so that there is no need to compromise in kitchens where one cooking method is preferred. In terms of size and capacity, there is no difference between electric and gas models. It is only a matter of figuring out the average amount of pasta needed per cooking session, perhaps adding a little extra for busy times. Frecciainox’s pasta cookers, the best tools for the best pasta!