The pros and cons of the infrared cookers for restaurants

The pros and cons of the infrared cookers for restaurants


Infrared cookers

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Infrared Cookers in Restaurants

It may take a couple minutes to boil an egg but it could also take just as long for stoves to get hot enough to boil. This is the main issue with electric cookers that have been used in professional kitchens for so long. Gas stoves can come on in an instant, but electric stoves take much longer to reach the right temperature.

Now there is a better solution – Infrared cookers

Infrared cookers or halogen cooktops are characterized by the cleanliness of electric cookers while maintaining the speed of gas cookers. They create heat with a red light that bursts brightly.

Here are a few pros and cons of this innovative technology!


Conventional cooking stoves heat up the air around the food to heat it up. This can lead to a loss of moisture from the ingredients. This cooker, on the other hand, heats up food by getting the molecules to vibrate quickly, similar to how a microwave works.

The main advantage is that the moisture isn’t lost. The stove is also relatively clean and easy to operate and the time saved while cooking is a key plus.


There really aren’t that many disadvantages to using such a cooker. The stove can reach extremely high temperatures very quickly in very little time so it’s best to keep children away.