How to choose the right stainless steel extractor fan for the kitchen

How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Extractor Fan For the Kitchen

Stainless steel extractor fan

The Advantages of Extractors

The process of cooking is one that may produce grease, steam, and various smells. If you want to ensure that your kitchen continues to smell fresh, you need to install an extractor fan.
Not all extractor fans are the same. The product that you end up with will depend on a number of factors. You should therefore know how to choose the right stainless steel extractor fan for the kitchen.
So, how should you go about making the selection?

Consider the Size

The size of the extractor fan you choose is very important. It will determine how well the kitchen airflow is maintained. An excessively large fan will suck out excess hot air, which in turn will raise your energy costs. A small fan, on the other hand, will be inefficient when it comes to maintaining the proper airflow in the kitchen.
The volume of your kitchen should help determine the size of the extractor fan. Ideally, the kitchen air should be replaced about 10 times. If the volume of your kitchen is 40 metres cubed, then the volume of air needed per hour is 400 metres cubed. Your extractor fan should therefore have an airflow capacity of 400m/h.
Consider the Ventilation Option
The ventilation system used by an extractor fan is an important issue to consider. Some fans use the extraction method for ventilation. This method involves the sucking out of steam and kitchen smells through a vent connected to ductwork that directs everything outside.
The recirculation method is an alternative method of ventilation that uses filters to extract steam and grease from the kitchen. The cleaned air is then re-circulated in the space. The process is repeated as many times as possible.

Consider Features and Ease of Use

The kind of features an extractor fan has will determine its ease of use. You should therefore consider features like the controls, power settings, grease filters, and design. How easy is it to manipulate the controls? What is the range of the power settings? Are the filters made from charcoal or carbon? Is the fan designed to be positioned over the kitchen island, or as a chimney hood?
How much does your extractor fan of choice cost? Does it fit within your kitchen project budget?
Price matters. You should ensure that the cost of the extractor fan gives you great value for money in the end.