What are the best electric ovens for confectionery?

What are the best electric ovens for confectionery?

Confectionery ovens


The best electric ovens are the ones that are mobile. They give a confectioner the ability to reposition, to remove or to replace them without having to wait for professional help or installation. Frecciainox caters to this need with a selection of electric ovens that can either sit on a counter-top—with a capacity of four or more baking trays—or stand upright on four steel legs to provide a larger electric oven with a capacity of up to 16 baking trays. Frecciainox’s electric pastry ovens range from a weight of 55 kilograms to 200 kilograms and do not exceed two meters in height.


Confectioners do not have time to manually cater for every batch of pastry that they bake. This is where Frecciainox’s electric ovens make bakers’ lives easier. The embedded halogen lamps inside the ovens allow firsthand witness to how well the pastries are cooking, and the automatic steam extraction from the convection ovens enables the pastries to cook well. A stainless steel fan is installed to ensure that no rust ever takes place and to ensure that no bacteria forms on its surface. The door’s tubular frame, carbon fiber handle and self-lubricating hinges ensure that Frecciainox’s ovens receive minimal wear over time.


Frecciainox’s electric ovens have an attractive, modern style that not only makes use of modern technologies, such as double glazing to reduce the loss of heat and to increase efficiency, but also makes 21st century confectionery more enjoyable. With the oven’s touchscreen control panel that has multiple preset pastry programs, and the ability to store up to 80 customized programs by the user—including time, temperature and climate parameters, concentration can now be faithfully switched to other important confectionery requirements. And when it comes time to cleanup, the cooking chamber’s rounded, stainless steel edges enable smooth and fast cleansing of used trays.