How much and what are the cooking systems suitable to the professional kitchens?

How much and what are the cooking systems suitable to the professional kitchens?

Professional cooking systems

The Market

Many restaurants and professional kitchens have varying needs for many different types of cooking systems. A fast-food restaurant may require a line of high quality fryers, while another restaurant may need time to cook meals in ovens or cookers as their customers sit in the dining area and wait. Because of the inherent range of foods that can be prepared by the vast amounts of restaurants out there, there is subsequently a need in the industrial goods market for different types of cooking equipment, and these can take both gas, induction and electric forms.

Higher Class

It is often the case that a high-class restaurant is well-known for its unique dishes and delectable serving suggestions. Because of this, kitchens may have a larger budget than smaller restaurants to buy some of the most superior, and more expensive, cooking systems. Frecciainox tries to accommodate these restaurants with impressive gas cookers that range from 2-8 gas burners and have up to two gas/electric ovens beneath them. The prices for these range from €970-€4,108 (pre-VAT). Electric cookers with up to six plates, and one large oven, can go up to €3,700 (pre-VAT); and induction cookers with up to four zones are priced at thousands of Euros.

Smaller Size

Frecciainox also has smaller electric cookers, with up to four plates, which can accommodate the needs of smaller restaurants that have budgets around €1,000. Frecciainox’s small-business-friendly crepe makers also range from the low prices of €415-€667, and go up to two electric surfaces. Accompanied by low-price stainless steel baskets, Frecciainox also offers pasta cookers, with one or more cooking bowls, for around €1,000. Additionally, 1-2 tank gas fryers and electric fast-fryers can be purchased for around €1,000, serving some of the most essential and basic needs of restaurants and fast-food stops.