What are convection ovens and how do they work?

What Are Convection Ovens And How Do They Work?

Convection ovens

What They Are

In simple terms, convection ovens, also called fan ovens, are ovens which have fans inside to help circulate hot air around food. Conventional ovens lack fans and rely heavily on radiation from the oven walls to transfer heat to the food placed inside. To a much less extent, they also rely on natural convection which is caused by differences in temperature inside the oven. Contrastingly, more heat reaches food through the process of convective heat transfer.

How They Are Designed And How They Work

The convection ovens are designed with fans which have heating elements responsible for providing heat. The purpose of the fan is to circulate air inside the cooking chamber of the oven. The ovens may also come with radiant sources of heat at the bottom as well as the top. This improves the transfer of heat, increasing the speed of cooking food in the oven. In yet other convection ovens, all heating elements are placed in an external enclosure away from the cooking food. In such ovens, the intention is usually to reduce the effect of radiant heat on the food. The fan heats the walls of such ovens. In this case, the heat may be much lower, but it is just sufficient to cook the food.

How Effective Are Convection Ovens?

By now, we know that convection ovens work by air circulation in the cooking chamber. The fan ensures that there is faster heat transfer to the food. But how effective are the ovens?

Compared to conventional ovens, convection ovens have less cooking temperature. However, it is important to note that some factors like the quantity of food placed in the oven may affect the heating and cooking of the food. Another factor is the restriction of airflow in the cooking chamber by an oversize baking tray. Heat circulation in convection ovens makes up for the temperature difference.

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Convenience of the stainless steel shelves for industrial kitchens

Convenience of the Stainless Steel Shelves for Industrial Kitchens

Stainless steel shelves

To help your business grow tremendously in the way it ought to, properly investing in the right commercial food shelving and storage is the right way to go. Food storage racks are specially designed to help hold food products in reserve until they are needed for consumption. Certainly, all food products cannot be stored in the same way – there is special storage for different food products. You want your food business to grow? Evaluating the materials used in constructing the restaurant shelving is one important factor that should not be overlooked. To make your work easier and seamless, you would want a food storage shelve that could be easily cleaned.

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One major mention regarding stainless steel shelves is the convenience it brings.

These products have been specially built such that they are easy to assemble as well as move around if they need be. So, to set up a standard shelve, you need to buy all the necessary parts. Whether you want the professional shelves or there are several parts you will need to buy online or in stores to make up a complete shelf. Be very careful not mix it all up. Most industrial kitchens are rapidly buying and enjoying the convenience the stainless steel shelves bring.

How to remove rust and limestone from the stainless steel sink with lemon juice

How To Remove Rust And Limestone From The Stainless Steel Sink With Lemon Juice

remove rust and limestone

The Headache Of Dealing With Rust And Limestone On Your Stainless Steel

Stainless steel furniture and fixtures in the house are designed to make it easy to clean and maintain. However, once in a while stubborn stains encroach on the stainless fixtures. Major stains that may cause you a little headache are caused by hard water. The mineral content of the water reacts with the stainless steel, leaving undesirable marks. The worst thing to deal with, however, is not the stains but rust and limestone. What do you do if you find yourself in such a situation?

Rust Removal

Rust is very stubborn. It is also very difficult to deal with. Very few people have an idea of what to do when confronted with it. Never let any rusty situation get the better of you. Don’t be stressed. Just look around your kitchen for some staples. The most commonly known for use as a cleaning agent is the lemon. Lemon juice is a very powerful reagent that is used in the absence of vinegar. The juice is a domestic lifesaver in many aspects including the battle for cleanliness. For centuries, it has been used as an effective stain remover. The acid in lemon juice reacts with agents that cause rusting, neutralizing them and restoring the shiny appearance of your stainless sink.

Removal Of Limestone

Just as in the case with rust, lemon juice performs the magic of removing limestone on your sink. It doesn’t matter how tough the limestone may be; Lemon juice is equal to the task. Actually, white vinegar is the reagent known to fix this problem completely. However, lemon juice reacts in the same way or even better. Apply it on the limestone stain and leave it for about twenty minutes before scrubbing and rinsing it off normally.

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