What are convection ovens and how do they work?

What Are Convection Ovens And How Do They Work?

Convection ovens

What They Are

In simple terms, convection ovens, also called fan ovens, are ovens which have fans inside to help circulate hot air around food. Conventional ovens lack fans and rely heavily on radiation from the oven walls to transfer heat to the food placed inside. To a much less extent, they also rely on natural convection which is caused by differences in temperature inside the oven. Contrastingly, more heat reaches food through the process of convective heat transfer.

How They Are Designed And How They Work

The convection ovens are designed with fans which have heating elements responsible for providing heat. The purpose of the fan is to circulate air inside the cooking chamber of the oven. The ovens may also come with radiant sources of heat at the bottom as well as the top. This improves the transfer of heat, increasing the speed of cooking food in the oven. In yet other convection ovens, all heating elements are placed in an external enclosure away from the cooking food. In such ovens, the intention is usually to reduce the effect of radiant heat on the food. The fan heats the walls of such ovens. In this case, the heat may be much lower, but it is just sufficient to cook the food.

How Effective Are Convection Ovens?

By now, we know that convection ovens work by air circulation in the cooking chamber. The fan ensures that there is faster heat transfer to the food. But how effective are the ovens?

Compared to conventional ovens, convection ovens have less cooking temperature. However, it is important to note that some factors like the quantity of food placed in the oven may affect the heating and cooking of the food. Another factor is the restriction of airflow in the cooking chamber by an oversize baking tray. Heat circulation in convection ovens makes up for the temperature difference.

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