Which catering equipment must a pizzeria have?

Which have?

Which catering equipment must a pizzeria have?


Commercial Kitchens has over the decades been using stainless steel appliances. Steel appliances have a long life span and are easy to maintain. It is advisable, when opening a pizzeria to consider if you want to sell pie per slice, or you will do a full blown pizzeria. You should consider your financial ability, the location of the business and then the size of your business premise. These considerations will help you before deciding which equipment to buy; large or small.

Equipment in a pizzeria

Many will agree that cleaning of stainless steel is easier than any other equipment in the kitchen. Some of the appliances and equipment that must be in a pizzeria like; pizza cutters counter pizza ovens, dough rollers, ladles, dough dividers and dough mixers. Others like pizza prep make-line tables and custom stainless steel equipments are also used in a pizzeria because of their quality, durability, and ability to keep clean.

Large stainless steel pizza ovens by the FRECCIAINOX Company are specifically designed especially for pizzerias. Choose if you would prefer ovens that uniformly bake each pizza to standard ovens that are operated manually. It should be noted that it is one of the most costly equipment in a pizzeria. Vented pizza sheets and pizza pans are typically stainless steel appliances that are reusable. You will need them regularly to cut the pies in the right shapes.

Choose the equipment that fits your budget. Remember the appliances complement each other, and you cannot substitute one for another. A caliber cooler and freezer is one that is essential. It is used to freeze items like meatballs and ice creams. These are items that should not lack in a pizzeria.


Finally, we cannot avoid stainless equipments; whether it is at home or in the hotels. Stainless steel products are known for their quality and durability.

Differences and a comparison between fry top and gas or electric fryers

The Differences Between a Fry Top and Gas and Electric Fryers

Differences and a comparison between fry top and gas or electric fryers

Fry Top Benefits

Fry tops are exactly as the name describes. It is a unit where food is fried directly on a flat surface. Sometimes you can move the unit from different locations (such as for live events), while other times it is built into place. However, it does not have a deep chamber that is commonly found in gas and electric fryers. This way, you do not use the same amount of oil and can keep the food lighter and fresher while preparing the food. It also makes the cleaning process much easier.

Gas and Electric Fryers

With a gas or electric fryer, there is generally a large amount of oil the food is submerged into in order to cook. This kind of fryer works if you want a thicker shell of batter coated onto the food, but it is not going to provide a healthy preparation option, plus it is rather limiting to how you are able to cook the food, as there basically is only one way, regardless of if it is a gas or electric fryer

Benefits of Frecciainox

The Italian manufacturer of the fry top allows you to have the perfect cooking space for whatever size you have available. On top of this, it does not create the large billows of smoke you might find with the other fry selections, so maintaining a clean and fresh work environment is always possible. Plus, the flat surface of the Freccianiox fry tops makes it possible to prepare just about anything you desire, so while you do fry most of the food, you are not deep frying, which is a significant difference. Plus, the products are made of the finest material, so you can prepare the finest food.

How to take care of stainless steel cupboards

How to take care of stainless steel cupboards

How to take care of stainless steel cupboards

Stainless steel

Stainless steel appliances by the Company FRECCIAINOX are common in our homes; from the bathroom to the kitchen and even in our bedrooms. Their good look gives a professional look and is easy to care and maintain. Stainless steel cupboards are very common in kitchens. They are used to store utensils ranging from cups to plates.

Why should we care for stainless steel cupboards?

Stainless steel cupboards don’t chip or stain easily. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t get dirty. Fingerprints and water marks have a tendency of sticking on the surface of the cupboard hence have to be removed. At times, we may use very abrasive cleaning materials that wear out the shine and lustre of our cupboards. We, therefore, have to care for the stainless steel cupboards as neglecting them can easily damage them.

Ways of caring for stainless steel cupboards

Stainless steel cupboards need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. You can use the following ways to ensure that your cupboards remain shiny spotless and clean.


1. Regularly the stainless steel cupboards with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. After that, dry using a clean cloth to prevent spots drying on the surface due to the minerals in the water.

2. Ensure that you always wipe the surface in respect to the direction polish/grain lines.
3. To brighten the steel cupboards surface, polish using a clean cloth dipped in vinegar or baking soda paste, and rubs gently then rinse.

4. Always rinse the steel cupboard surface after cleaning with clean water to prevent damaging the finish.


1. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials e.g. steel wool as they leave scratches on the surface of the cupboards.

2. Do not use cleaners that contain chlorine and other bleaching agents to clean the surface. It will damage it.

3. Avoid leaving normal steel items to be in contact with the stainless steel cupboard especially when wet as it stains the cupboard.