FoodHospitality World Brasil – 17th-19th March 2015

Food Hospitality World Brazil – 17th-19th March 2015

FoodHospitality World Brasil – 17th-19th March 2015

The world’s best Food Trade Fair in the world

As the days are counting, the international food exhibition day is drawing closer. The Food Hospitality World Brazil day is one of the biggest world food exhibitions in 2015. The trade fair will take place in Sao Paulo for three days from 17th March, 2015 to 19th March, 2015 at Transamerica Expo Center. The trade fair provides an opportunity for companies and organizations dealing with the food and beverage industry, to showcase their services. Many delegates from across the world working in restaurants, hotels, and commercial kitchens will attend with the intention of encouraging buyers to buy their commodities.

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In conclusion, the company also has adequate presence on the internet. It allows every person around the world with an internet connection to buy stainless steel equipments used in kitchens e.g. refrigerators, pizza ovens and kitchen sinks. The trade fairs also provide such companies with opportunities to connect with buyers as they showcase their latest products.