FoodHospitality World India – 22nd-24th January 2015

Food Hospitality World India – 22nd-24th January 2015

FoodHospitality World India – 22nd-24th January 2015

The world’s biggest food trade exhibition is coming to India

The Food Hospitality World India of the 22nd January 2015 to the 24th January 2015 is fast approaching. The event is dubbed India’s biggest international food exhibition. The trade fair provides a powerful platform for hospitality, food, and beverage industry players to learn and network on their products and services. The event will take place in three days, and it will provide companies both local and international an opportunity to connect with Indian and foreign investors.

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Lastly, the Food Hospitality World India will also present an opportunity for buyers to acquire information on the latest food products in the market.