Why is refrigeration so important in the catering sector?

Refrigerazione industraile perché è importante?

Why is refrigeration so important in the catering sector?

Increase in more refrigerated foods

These days two-thirds of the world population are busy and barely have the time to preserve food using natural preservatives. Natural preservatives were commonly used many decades ago. The lifestyle change has made many individuals eat in hotels. It saves time used in preparing food at home. Conversely, the lifestyle change has come with many diseases, and many people are now prioritizing what they eat.

Importance of using refrigerators in catering

The invention of the refrigerators has drastically had a positive impact on the catering departments of the hotel industry. Practically, catering departments these days cannot do without a refrigerator. It is used to store food. Apart from storing food, refrigerators also preserve food; preservation is a great milestone in hotels. The equipment has done the hotelier industry more good than harm; the industry can now save a lot of money from the food that would have been disposed of to the garbage. Nutritionists also recommend that eating healthy foods improves our lives and enable us to live longer.

Impact of refrigerators to the hotel industry

A refrigerator gives luxurious life because of the ease and convenience of getting food. It has helped in lengthening perishable foods’ lifespan and still retains their nutritious contents which were impossible previously. It has also helped in preserving beverages making beverages cool every time the customers require good service. We all know that a cool desert is soothing. It is one of the great impact customers have in hotels due to refrigerators. They will always come for more, increasing the hotels revenues. These low temperatures inhibit bacterial growth hence preventing food decay. The new makes of refrigerators not only preserve food, but they are also cost effective, and consume little power.

In conclusion, refrigerators are helpful because they improve lives, save money and give customers healthy quality foods.

Features of the stainless steel shelves

Pensili in acciaio inox, caratteristiche tecniche

Features of our Stainless Steel Shelves

Stainless Steel Cupboards are Hygienic, Strong and Easy to Clean

Our hanging stainless steel cupboards and drainers are fabricated from high quality stainless steel which is strong and hygienic. You’ll find it is easy to clean your stainless steel cupboards and maintain cleanliness to the highest standards of hygiene possible. In professional kitchens that produce foods to the most perfecting standards, our easy-to-clean stainless steel cupboards are essential storage items. What’s more the welded corners, profile panelling and reinforced steel make these cupboards strong and durable in addition.

Different Size and Weight Options to Create Your Ideal Professional Kitchen

The range of stainless steel cabinets offered is available in a variety of lengths and depths so you can customize your kitchen with a complete run of hygienic cabinetry to suit your own needs. Different depths of cupboard mean your storage needs can be entirely met by hanging a run of cupboards in your professional kitchen. We even supply a hanging corner cupboard in stainless steel so you can design a kitchen with clean, elegant lines using this complete range of hanging cupboards and drainers. You’ll find hanging your lightweight stainless steel cabinets is easy and cupboard weights start at just 20lbs which offers gross holding capacity up to 27kg.

Adjustable Design and Flexible Door Options

The flexible door options on these stainless steel cabinets offer you a variety of choices. You can choose easy-slide glass doors so you can quickly see the cupboard’s contents. Alternatively, choose the stainless door option to maintain the clean, hygienic lines of the kitchen. Each cabinet features an adjustable middle shelf which can be fitted at four different height levels, so your cabinets are customized to suit your needs. The drainer cabinets feature hanging plate racks to keep your plates neatly stored when not in use.

How to remove small stains from the steel sink with bicarbonate

Bicarbonato per pulizia dei lavelli in acciaio

How to remove small stains from the steel sink with bicarbonate


In the modern day, most house appliances are made of steel. Sinks, whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen are majorly made of steel due to their durability and easy maintenance! Despite their good quality, the sinks need to be regularly cleaned to get rid of small stains and dirt. Kitchen sinks are regularly used for cleaning utensils hence they need to be clean to prevent the transfer of germs to the utensils. The sinks made by company FRECCIAINOX can be cleaned using different cleaning materials like bicarbonate.

Why Use Bicarbonate in Cleaning?

Bicarbonate, some refer to as baking soda is a ‘ green’ cleaning material. It is friendly to the environment and does not harm the ecosystem unlike the toxic and harsh chemicals we find in other commercial cleaning solutions. In addition, to its eco-friendliness; the bicarbonate is affordable, non-toxic, and mildly abrasive. Its abrasiveness makes it easy to remove stubborn stains. It is also gently on the skin hence a good cleaning material to use at home.

Steps in removing stains form steel sinks using bicarbonate.

How do we clean steels sinks using bicarbonate? The following simple steps show how to remove small stains from our sinks using Bicarbonate. You will need; a bowl, baking soda, a sturdy sponge, water and a soft dry cloth.

  1. Mix the baking soda to form a paste with a little amount of water in a bowl.
  2. Apply the paste on the sink putting more on the stained areas.
  3. Scrub the sink gently with the sponge paying more attention to the stains within the sinks.
  4. Using Bicarbonate, rinse the sinks thoroughly with clean water to remove every stain.
  5. Thereafter, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the sink.