Stainless steel table: how and which to choose it

Choose Stainless Steel Working Stations for Your Professional Kitchen

Tavoli in acciaio inox per lavorazione pesce

Why Choose Stainless Steel Work Stations?

Frecciainox supply a wide range of stainless steel working stations that are perfect for professional kitchens. Stainless steel is hygienic and easy to clean, and you’ll find these work stations are durable and give you the flexibility to produce your high level cuisine in the speediest and most efficient manner possible. Our working stations are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and feature welded corners and reinforcements for added strength and stability. Keeping your stainless steel working stations clean and free from germs is a simple matter and there are no hidden crevices where bacteria can multiply and cause hazards to your clientele.

How to Choose the Best Stainless Steel Working Stations for Your Kitchen

The variety of work stations we offer means we definitely supply the best stainless steel work stations to suit your needs. You need to assess how much space you require for each job in your kitchen and what kind of storage space you may require with your working station. Once you know how much work space is required, you can choose from small corner working stations that will easily slot into the professional kitchen and provide ample space for small jobs, such as decorating desserts, or larger work stations providing room to prepare vegetables, fish or meat and are supplied with sinks so you can plumb them into your existing water supply.

Wide Variety of Frecciainox Working Stations

There are so many stainless steel work stations on sale at Frecciainox, you’re sure to be impressed. We stock working stations offering large working surface and enclosed cupboard space underneath, in a variety of different table sizes and providing adjustable shelves inside for your convenience. We also supply large working stations featuring open shelves underneath and offering you a choice of square or round legs. Our preparation tables provide the ultimate food preparation surface, whether you’re prepping vegetables, meat or fish, and offer you spacious storage too. We also provide simple tables and chests of drawers so you can customize your professional kitchen to suit your own cooking requirements.